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David Modica

Welcome to the 'Writings' website of musician-composer David Modica. David, being a student of spiritual studies for over 30 years, has recently found himself writing what he would call "pointings." Discoveries that have centered him on his life's path that point in the direction of living from the source and consciousness of Love.

"Every human being has suffered and has a story. We are here to heal. And, in healing, through our conscious action, and living from the consciousness of love we not only heal ourselves but in turn, that healing ripples through and affects humanity and the cosmic whole."

These writings will be in his upcoming book: 'With Love, Anything Is Possible' to be released in 2020.

Please do peruse the theme pages and take these pointings to heart. Check back often as new writings are added weekly. There is more to come in the months ahead.

Whole And Complete
Love Has Brought You Home
Words That Uplift Humanity
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